Visiting the famous Dutch flower fields is one of the best ideas for your travel bucket list. Whether you are looking for a unique experience, a bit of nature, or are into photography, you will be impressed. The beauty of the flower fields is unparalleled. And if you are into photography, you’ll walk away with the best pictures ever with very little expense.

As long as the season is right, all you have to do is hop on a train ride and find yourself exploring the tulip fields. The Netherlands is known to be one of the biggest flower suppliers so flowers are naturally one of the biggest attractions. They are simply everywhere. Yet (and here’s the shocker) most people don’t head directly to the fields. They go to Keukenhof instead. Only in 2017, the famous Dutch Tulip Garden Keukenhof has welcomed over 1.400.000 visitors. Crazy! If you’re interested in visiting, check out a Keukenhof guide to prepare you for the day trip.

So how do you avoid the hordes of tourists while getting an authentic experience with minimum planning? And is that even possible? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

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It’s possible and it’s not even that expensive. The majority of the Dutch flower fields are strewn around the Leiden area, a mere 40-minutes away. Bollenstreek, Lisse and Sassenheim are some Google-able destinations, clad with tulips that will make you go “wow”. And it’s SO much better than Keukenhof. While beautiful, it is a cultivated flower garden. Flower fields are full of untouched natural beauty.

How to Get to the Dutch Flower Fields?

  • Go on a bike tour. Y’know, the Dutch way.

    The fields are easy to reach from the big cities but you’ll make the journey quick and more pleasant by biking on one of the routes. If you don’t have a bike or have a rental in the city where you’re staying, consider renting one closer to your destination.
    While you can take a bike on a train, it might not be worth the hassle of paying extra and dragging it back through public transport in the end of the day. Instead, just rent a bike at one of the train stations from which you can start your biking route.

  • Rent a car and go on a scenic driving route in Bollenstreek.

    Going by car is a very good idea if you’re looking to cover as much ground as possible in little time and also have some flexibility with where you can go. The route that’s offered by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (“ANWB” for short) is perfect for sightseeing. The starting point is Oegstgeest, a small commune near Leiden. The route alternates between flower fields, beaches, and even the medieval castle Kasteel Oud-Poelgeest.

Want more insider tips? I’ve got you covered!

Bike Rentals

There is a bike rental right next to the Keukehnof park although I would advise going a bit further than the fields by the entrance to enjoy an experience empty of tourists. Here’s another bike rental in Sassenheim.

To find some more options Google “fietsverhuur” and whatever region name where you wanna head, like “Lisse”, “Bollenstreek” or “Sassenheim”.

The Bike Route

Find the best biking route through the fields on If you look for “Bollenstreek” For example, here’s a link to a beautiful route through Bollenstreek.

You can also download a route map from the Bollenstreek website. Here’s a direct link to the route itself. But at the end of the day, going on a bike is all about flexibility so just find that first field and just go from there.

This guide covers how to find tulip and Dutch flower fields in The Netherlands with insider tips & tricks, routes and best locations.

How to find the prettiest tulip fields

If you’re thinking “Oh, if only there was a way to make sure there would be some tulips there before I go.” then I hear you. Luckily someone has already thought about this before because The Flower Radar exists. Hop on there to discover the best locations. Every page has pictures from explorers like you that visited that spot just a day ago. Who better suited to help you find the prettiest Dutch flower fields than a traveler such as yourself?

Get a photoshoot in the Dutch flower fields

Connect with a local photographer (most of the Dutchies speak English quite well) and go on an outdoor photo shoot. You walk away with an unforgettable experience and get to go off the beaten path. A cool bonus to the high-quality pictures you’re about to get? A local photographer will know all the routes and spots for the best picture which means minimum planning for you.

Pssst, The pictures in this post were taken by a wonderful photographer Jose Chan.

When Should You Go?

If you’re in to see some tulips, they start blooming in the middle of March until the beginning of May. The sweet spot is the month of April. Aside from tulip fields, you might see gorgeous hyacinth fields and other flowers as well.

Personal recommendation: book plane tickets in advance for the spring season with KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. My long distance relationship of 6 years was filled with flights to and from Amsterdam. And KLM didn’t let me down once. Also, they host sales every couple of months so the tickets can be very affordable. They are hands-down my go-to airline.

Have you seen the Dutch flower fields? Where would you love to go? Share your experience in the comments!

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This guide covers how to find tulip and Dutch flower fields in The Netherlands with insider tips & tricks, routes and best locations.

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