Top 79 Things to Do in Tallinn Estonia That You Will Love

Things To Do in Tallinn Estonia: Enjoy the view on Old Town from Toompea Hill Piiskopi viewing platform

Looking for top things to do in Tallinn, Estonia? I’ve got you covered with my ultimate Tallinn bucket list! This list includes interesting activities and ideas for fun things to do in Tallinn for the culture buffs, architecture lovers, adventure seekers, and foodies! Choose your favorite way of exploring and get to know local Estonian food, best Tallinn museums and even go on a scavenger hunt through the Old Town!

What to Do in Tallinn: Ultimate Bucket List

Things to Do in Tallinn Old City Center

Things to do in Tallinn: walk through the Viru Gates into Old Town
Viru Gates in Tallinn leading into Old Town

1. Walk into the old center through the Viru Gates

There are several ways to get to the Old Town, one of which is the Viru Gates located next to the flower market by Viru Keskus. Make your way towards the cobblestone street leading you up to the Town Hall Square.

2. Explore the Town Hall Square – Raekoja Plats

Stop at the Town Hall Square to admire the buildings and enjoy the bustling city life. This is a great starting point for exploring the city center. On special days this is where the Christmas markets are open and the concerts are performed.

3. Climb up to Toompea via the Long Leg Gate Tower (Pika jala väravatorn).

Make your way to Toompea hill where you will find the most beautiful views of the city. Make your way up to the Gate Tower via a broad street that’s called Pikk Jalg, meaning Long Leg. Word of warning: wear comfortable shoes to the city center. Walking on cobblestones is no joke and if you’re after a massage, I recommend a less pain-inducing option.

St. Catherine's Passage (Katariina käik) in Tallinn Estonia
St. Catherine’s Passage, Old Town Tallinn

4. Take a picture of St. Catherine’s Passage (Katariina käik)

Be transported back into medieval times as you walk the length of what is one of the signature streets of Tallinn. You will find small craft workshops on your way which adds to the whole experience.

5. Come back down via the Short Leg (Lühike Jalg)

Make your way back from Toompea hill by taking the shorter route fittingly called ‘Short Leg’. It’s a small narrow street with a staircase leading almost all the way to the Raekoja square. In the past, this path connected the part of the city where the nobility dwelled with the merchant quarter.

6. Walk the Harju street and shop the merchant’s stalls

You won’t miss this lively street that is filled with merchant stalls that sell trinkets for tourists but also passes right next to really nice cafes on the one side and the beautiful Harju Street Park where you can relax and enjoy the perspective on Niguliste Church. The street will take you all the way to the Freedom Square (Vabaduse square).

7.  Walk out of the center through Fat Margaret Cannon Tower’s Gate

The gate is located right next to the Fat Margaret Tower, called ‘Paks Margareeta’ in Estonian. It currently houses Estonia Maritime Museum which reopens in Autumn 2018. This is the perfect spot from which you can head directly to the Marina and enjoy some fresh sea air, should you have enough of the Old Town.

Yummy Things to Do in Tallinn for Food Lovers

Fun things to do in Tallinn Estonia - eat peanuts from street vendors
Peanuts in a street vendor’s stall in the heart of the Old Town in Tallinn

8. Buy a horn of salted and smoked peanuts from the street vendors next to Olde Hansa

There’s nothing better than walking Tallinn’s old streets with a horn of flavourful peanuts. They sell those all around the Old Town and it’s so much fun discovering your favorite taste. I’ve always been torn between the caramel covered peanuts versus the smoked ones.

9. Fish out pickles out of a giant barrel like a medieval Estonian in the III Draakon

III Draakon is one of those signature experiences you shouldn’t miss in Tallinn. Get ready to eat with your hands and spend a couple of minutes fishing for giant pickles in a huge barrel guided only by your feeling. III Draakon easily slid into my top places to eat in Tallinn Old Town. To find III Draakon look underneath the arches of the Raekoda Town Hall (you can see it on the right side of the picture below).

10. Drink local beer such as Saku, Puls or Viru

Substitute your usual beer of choice for one of the local brands. If you like light beer, go for Saku – they serve it all around the city and several cafes on the Raekoja square have Saku umbrellas.

What to do in Tallinn Estonia: Drink Saku beer on Raekoja Plats
View on the Raekoja plats, Tallinn’s main Square

11. Eat amazing handmade chocolates at Anneli Viik Chocolate Cafe

This spot is perfect for the chocolate-obsessed. A lot of the handmade chocolates have liquor inside or a truffle filling so if that’s your preference, you’ll have a blast at Anneli Viik!

12. Drink shots from test tubes at Tallinn’s most unique bar “Labor”

Skip the usual pub crawls but make sure to grab your friends and travel buddies and stop by “Labor”. Get ready to choose from a huge variety of shots that are sorted by the degree of “acidity” and will satisfy even the most particular guests. They have tube shots, smoking cocktails and 50% discounts during Happy Hour (check the times but should be until 21:00 or so).

13. Experience fine dining at its best at Tchaikovsky

Visit one of the top restaurants in Scandinavia to enjoy Russian cuisine with a modern twist. Estonia had a quite strong connection to Russia even before the USSR and some of the classic Russian food combinations have firmly ingrained themselves in Estonian cuisine as well.

Rataskaevu 16 entrance Tallinn Restaurant
The entrance to Rataskaevu 16, Tallinn’s most popular restaurant

14. Have lunch at Tallinn’s #1 restaurant Rataskaevu 16

Rataskaevu 16 is very well-known so book well in advance via e-mail or by the phone and get ready for a superb service and the best food ever.

15. Eat Kalev Marzipan in the oldest cafe in Tallinn: Maiasmokk

When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Tallinn, you must try marzipan. While it’s served in many cafes, why not visit Tallinn’s oldest cafe opened in 1864? Peek into the Marzipan Room to see local dessert makers create new treats before your eyes

16. Drink orange-infused chocolate at The Pierre Chocolaterie

Time to relax and drink a hot cuppa to get a break from exploring the city. Stop by at The Pierre Chocolaterie which serves quality chocolate with a variety of tastes.

Spot the Best Views in Tallinn

Things to do in Tallinn - climb the Town Hall Tower for a great view
Perspective on the Town Hall in Tallinn, Estonia

17. Climb the Town Hall Tower’s 115 steps all the way to the top

If you’re looking to exercise your muscles and are ready to make the climb in order to enjoy an unparalleled view, climb the Town Hall Tower. The 700-year-old Town Hall is also worth exploring separately. The building is the oldest example of Gothic architecture in Scandinavia and you can see areas where authentic dyes have been preserved in the meeting rooms.

18. Walk the glass floors of Tallin TV Tower 170m above the city

Enjoy the viewing platforms and less adrenalin-inducing activities of the TV tower which include a seasonal Soviet exhibition, a restaurant and more. If you’re looking for a touch of the extreme, check out point 36 of this list for the brave thrill-seekers.

Best things to do in Tallinn: The Times we had viewing platform
This famous Kohtuotsa viewing platform is located at Kohtu 12, Tallinn

19. Find the famous view on the city next to the “The Times we had” phrase

This beautiful viewing platform is called Find the Kohtuotsa Vaateplatvorm and it offers a beautiful view over the whole city center.  There are at least 3 viewing points on Toompea hill, all offering a unique perspective on different sides of the city. So don’t miss them!

20. Go up the Tallinn City Wall at Hellemann Tower

Climb the old tower and walk the stretch of the city wall that opens the views on the city. The entry here is free with a Tallinn card, otherwise, you will have to pay 4 EUR entrance fee. You will find the tower at Müürivahe tn 48, Tallinn.

Tallinn Patkuli viewing platform
Patkuli viewing platform offering a perspective on the St. Olaf’s Church

21. Visit the Patkuli Vaateplatvorm for a famous postcard view of Tallinn

Another viewing platform that you can’t miss is called Patkuli and can be found at Rahukohtu tänav. Next to it, you will find the Patkuli stairs that lead down and back into the city and the nearby park.

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22. Climb to the top of Oleviste Church

Ready for an exercise? How about climbing the 232 stairs leading towards one of the best views on Tallinn? The climb costs only 3 EUR so if you’re not daunted by it, do not miss this beautiful view.

23. Enjoy the city view from Piiskopi viewing platform for the view of the side of the city

This viewing platform offers a beautiful perspective on the heart of the old city and the tiled rooftops. Head over to Toom-Kooli 21 and enjoy the views.

View on Old Town from Toompea Hill Piiskopi viewing platform
The Piiskopi viewing platform is located at Toom-Kooli 21, Tallinn

Top Shopping Experiences in Tallinn

24. Get authentic Estonian souvenirs from Eesti Esindus

This little shop is filled with authentic things that are made locally and are actually of high quality and craftsmanship. You will find wooden spoons, elements of traditional dress, decor items, wool, and much more at Viru 3, Tallinn.

25. Shop groceries and chocolates in Rimi, the local supermarket chain

Find out what locals eat when shopping at the local supermarkets. Head over to Rimi for the lowest prices for marzipan, local food and anything you might have forgotten to pack for your trip.

26. Find the cutest designs and Made in Estonia products in Oma Asi (the red house)

Breathe in the scented candles from Joik, find handmade wooden accessories and elegant jewelry that begs to be taken home. Oma Asi is a little store just a step from the Town square seems unassuming but it’s a little gem you will be glad to uncover.

Things to do in Tallin Estonia: go shopping for local souvenirs
Cozy shop facade in the Old Town Tallinn

27. Shop till you drop in the Rotermanni Kvartal

In the mood for big malls and shopping centers? Head over to the modern Rotermanni Quarter to check out such stores as the Kalev chocolate store, the Foorum Keskus shopping center and more.

28. Go book shopping in Rahva Raamat in Viru Keskus

Rahva Raamat is a fantastic bookstore with a rich selection of English paperbacks and hardbacks. Head over to the top floor of the Viru Shopping center to discover the latest fiction releases, YA books and more.

29. Dig up hidden treasures at the flea market at Telliskivi Creative City

Telliskivi Creative City is the right place for you if you like bargains, modern artists, a youthful vibe and much more. The flea market is held every Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00. Come and shop the design indie stores that are open throughout the creative space – you will find the full list on the website.

30. Discover vintage dresses & accessories at Fankadelik

Fankadelik is perfect if you value authentic vintage items that are hand-picked and selected by professionals. Check it out for a relaxed vibe and enjoy your hunt, but keep in mind that it is mostly women’s fashion.

Things to do in Tallinn Estonia: Visit the oldest apothecary in Tallinn
Facade of the building where the oldest apothecary is located on Raekoja plats, Tallinn

31.  Hop into the Raeapteek apothecary that is open since 1422

While you might not want to buy anything, this historical apothecary right on Raekoja plats is definitely worth a visit. It has been open in this historical building since the 15th century and even now it allows a glimpse of days long gone, between the customers, of course.

32. Buy healing elixirs for souvenirs in Olde Hansa Shoppe

If you’re wondering what to bring back from your travels to your curious family members, how about the classic Estonian souvenirs from the Olde Hansa Shoppe? My favorites are the elixirs packaged in ornate bottles with huge bottle stoppers. You will also find spices for mulled wine, traditional Estonian attire, and much more. The store is located right next to the restaurant on Vanaturu kael 12.

Unusual Things To Do In Tallinn Estonia

Blue train on a cobblestone street in the center of Tallinn
Touristic train in the old city of Tallinn

33. Go on a ride in the little City Train through the Old City

Riding the little train is a guilty pleasure of mine. Although many children ride the train with their parents, there are also adults embarking on a 30-minute journey through the narrow old streets of Tallinn. I always enjoy the route as it quite varies from the usual ways you take as a tourist. It’s a great opportunity to take a break, breathe and enjoy the city in a calm manner. Last time I did it the ride cost me 5 EUR. The train leaves from the edge of the Raekoja plats.

34. Have some relaxing me-time at the Kalev Spa & Waterpark

If you’d rather mix your city explorations with some relaxing moments that recharge you, a spa is a great choice. You can either buy an entry ticket or even stay at a spa hotel such as Kalev Spa & Waterpark. While the waterpark side of it is closed until March 2019, there are several spa hotels that will provide much needed moments of tranquility. I’ve also been a guest at the Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn and while it doesn’t have slides (can you tell I’m a child at heart?), it has great pools and saunas.

35. Test your marksmanship at the Tallinn Archery Range

This is a purely touristic attraction but why not indulge in medieval archery and have some fun? You can choose between a bow and a crossbow and compete with your friends. You will find the Archery range at Komandandi tee 2, next to Kiek in de Kok.

36. Walk on the edge of Tallinn TV Tower… if you dare

This activity is not for the weak of heart. Get ready for an adrenaline overload as only for 25 EUR you will be walking on the perimeter of the Tallinn TV Tower with a safety harness for 30 full minutes! If that sounds like fun, book tickets for the activity with GetYourGuide here.

37. Bathe like a local at the public saunas of Kalma Saun

Visiting the sauna is an important ritual in all of Scandinavia and Estonia is no exception to this rule. If you’re after a memorable experience that will give you an insight into the life of Estonians, head over to Kalma Saun which was established in 1928. This is the oldest sauna in Tallinn and the ambiance brings you back to the Soviet era which only enhances the experience. You will definitely enjoy the public saunas and should you forget the bathing essentials, they are always available at the bar. Entry price varies depending on the day but would be around 11 EUR.

38. Take a journey into Middle Ages with the interactive Tallinn Legends experience

A theatrical performance set in Medieval Tallinn with audience participation? I hope you’re as excited as I am! For 16 EUR you get to take a 40-minute journey through Tallinn’s most vivid medieval legends and stories. You are led through elaborate sets underground and entertained by a team of actors. If you want to skip the boring and have some fun, this is a great option. While I haven’t visited this one myself yet, it sounds very similar to the Amsterdam Dungeon which was a lot of fun as well! If you’re planning in advance get a discount by booking directly on Tallinn Legends’ website.

39. Test your limits at the Pirita adventure park

Take a break from the city by heading to the trails of the Pirita Adventure park. This is the perfect way to stretch your limbs, climb some trees and enjoy the outdoors with your friends or family. If you’re into active sports or just want to add variety to your vacation, this is something to consider.

Cool things to do in Tallinn Estonia
Decorated and illuminated Christmas Market at Raekoja plats, Tallinn

Top Seasonal Activities in Tallinn

40. Shop the Christmas Market stalls on the Town Square

Winter in Tallinn is simply fantastic and shopping the Christmas market on the Raekoja plats is simply a must! Drink hot mulled wine, buy yourself a set of mittens to fight off the frost and marvel at the beautiful wooden decorations and utensils sold by local artisans. Buy local produce such as sausage, meats and more. And of course, get ready to meet Santa Claus! The Christmas Market generally starts middle of November to the first week of January (2018 Christmas Market dates: 24.11.2018 – 05.01.2019).

41. Enjoy special menu deals in Tallinn’s top restaurants during Restaurant week

Take advantage of the Restaurant week to try many different menus from Tallinn’s best restaurants. The details of the event will be revealed closer to the date which should be from 01.11 to 07.11 so keep an eye out on the website if you’re in town around those dates!

42. Watch history come alive during Medieval days

Should you visit Tallinn during the summer, do not miss the Medieval Days! This huge festival dedicated to the medieval background of Tallinn is well worth celebrating. Prepare for craft sessions, knight tournaments, costumed carnivals, and medieval markets.

A lot of the action will take place on the Raekoja plats where visiting minstrels will pass, winners of the contests will be rewarded and dancers and musicians will ignite the crowd. In 2018 the festival was held at the beginning of July so keep that in mind when planning the dates of your visit!

43. Watch puppet performances & get behind the scenes of NUKU museum of puppet arts

Visit the NUKU museum of puppet arts to discover a large collection of puppets, the behind-the-scenes of theater life and complete your visit by seeing one of their in-house performances. The museum entrance fee for adults is 7 EUR while the theatre show tickets for adults are 18 EUR. If you travel with children, check out the combo deals on the website and order tickets in advance.  

44. Watch performers entertain the crowd on Freedom Square

Visit the Freedom square (Vabaduse väljak) to see if you can spot any entertainers. In my time there I saw a traditionally dressed performer entertain the crowd with an incredibly long whip, as well as many other street performers.

What To Do In Tallinn Away From The City Center

Wooden hut in Estonain Open Air Museum: things to do in Tallinn
Estonian Open Air Museum in Tallinn, Estonia

45. Spend a day experiencing life as a medieval Estonian at the Estonian Open Air Museum

Exploring the Estonian Open Air Museum is a must for anyone wishing to experience Estonia’s past in a very interactive way. The whole museum is a reconstruction of an 18th-century Estonian village, with all the details intact. It’s located at the edge of the city and reachable by public transport but it’s a real day trip since you will spend at least 3 to 5 hours in this huge space.

The territory of the Museum is so vast that I recommend renting a bike (around 10 EUR). It’s 100% worth the price and will make exploring so much more enjoyable! Make a day of it by exploring how Estonian people lived through various ages, look into different dwellings, participate in craft workshops, eat real Estonian food and enjoy the weather.

46. Discover the most visited zoo in the Baltic area

If you love animals and want to visit a zoo that takes good care of its inhabitants, check out the Tallinn zoo. This zoo is the most visited one in the Baltic countries. Another fun fact is that the Tallinn zoo holds the biggest collection of sheep and mountain goats in the world! This is a specialty of theirs and where the zoo’s focus lies.

47. Find the Mermaid Memorial by the Tallinn Bayside (Russalka mälestussammas)

Breathe in the sea air as you walk the length of the Pirita tee towards the Mermaid Monument marking the sinking of a Russian warship “Rusalka” in 1893. This is a great spot from which you can start your walk towards the Kadriorg park and visit the Art Museum within it.

48. Take a trip to Naissaar island on Steamboat Katharina

Discover the beaches on Naissaar Island, wander amongst the mines and ruins, or walk the local trails. You can get there on a steamboat departing from Vesilennuki 6 and there is a generous 50% discount with Tallinn Card.

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15th Century Pirita Convent Ruins in Tallinn
15th Century Pirita Convent Ruins in Tallinn

49. Wander around 15th Century Pirita Convent Ruins to see where nuns lived

Hop on a bus from the city center and after a pleasant half an hour ride next to the coastline, there you are, standing before the Pirita Convent Ruins. In the 15th century, this was a functioning monastery for both nuns and monks, dedicated to Saint Brigita. It was abandoned after Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible ransacked the place on one of his quests. Now you can wander through the remains and admire the structure that survived all the way through the ages.

50. Explore the abandoned Linnahall for a beautiful view of the sea

The now empty Linnahall was erected in anticipation of the summer Olympic Games of 1980, however, fell into disuse afterward. Now, this is a big abandoned complex which offers a beautiful view over the bay area. There are plans to revive the area and make something new out of it, however, right now it’s still possible to just walk around, admire the style and check out the marina.

51. Visit the majestic Song Festival Grounds

Song Festival Grounds has enough capacity to welcome over 75,000 listeners to the events that take place here. This unusual structure is known for hosting the recurring Song Festival which takes place every 5 years. Many world-famous artists performed here, from Michael Jackson to Elton John. The grounds are located at Narva maantee 95.

Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn Estonia: big green grass field with white music stage
Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn

What to see in Tallinn: Scavenger Hunt Ideas

52. Attempt to count the 157 Patkuli Stairs as you descend them

Once you’ve uncovered all the vantage points on Toompea hill it’s time to enjoy a slow descent down the Patkuli Stairs. This will lead you to the bottom of the city wall where you can enjoy a relaxed walk to St. Olaf’s Church.

53. Find the Deer statue commemorating the legend behind Tallinn’s original name – Reval

This beautiful statue is associated with the legend behind Tallinn’s old name: Reval. The story goes like this: once upon a time, Danish King Valdemar who conquered North Estonia in the 13th century was hunting deer. He cornered one on top of a hill but the deer chose to jump to its death instead of being captured. The flustered king proclaimed ‘Reh fall!’ which meant ‘The deer fell!’ and named the hill in her honor. The name morphed into Reval and now the story of the deer is a well-loved legend. To see the statue head over to Nunne street.

Fun Things to do in Tallinn - find the Deer Statue and Fountain in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia
Deer Statue and Fountain in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia

54. Make your way to see the famous Cat’s Well on Rataskaevu

The well on Rataskaevu is surrounded by many legends, one of which was that a mermaid has inhabited the well and to appease her citizens threw down cats, food and whatever else. Thankfully now the well is closed and this is only a story.

55. Find the compass etched round stone on Town Square from which you can see all 5 spires

This is very tricky but if you find the right spot on the Raekoa Plats, then you’ll be able to spy all the 5 spires without moving an inch. Can you manage?

Chimney sweep statue in Tallinn with rubbed golden buttons
Bronze Statue Of A Lucky Happy Chimney Sweep, Tallinn

56. Rub the golden button on the Chimney Sweep statue’s jacket for luck (next to Soprus Cinema)

This funny statue commemorates the ancient chimney sweeper profession. The popular belief is that if you rub the buttons of a chimneysweep’s coat, you will have luck. You will find this guy next to the Soprus cinema at Karjavarava plats.

57. Take a picture of the beautiful Glehn Castle  and find the Drakoon statue in Glehn park

Take a walk through Glehn Park to uncover the beautiful Castle at Vana-Mustamäe 48. You will also find a Drakoon statue nearby. Whether it’s a dragon or a lizard – that’s up to you!

Pink wooden house in Tallinn Estonia during autumn
Historical wooden house in Tallinn, Estonia

58. Spot examples of typical wooden houses around the Kalamaja area

Wooden architecture is typical for this region yet something you don’t see every day. Explore the Kalamaja area to spot different houses and see how many you can find!

59. See the famous “Danse Macabre” painting by Bernt Notke in Niguliste Church

One of the can’t miss things to do in Tallinn is to see the “Danse Macabre” painting by Bernt Notke which dates back to 1633 and was inspired by the “Danse Macabre” theme and the original painting by Lübeck. The painting is depicting the mortality of humankind, however, only a fragment survives.

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Historical Things To Do in Tallinn, Estonia

Facade of the historical hotel Three Sisters in Tallinn Estonia
Three Sisters hotel in Tallinn

60. Stay in The Three Sisters hotel converted from famous 14th-century medieval merchant houses

Staying at a historical hotel in Tallinn is a great decision if you want to soak in the spirit of the city. The Three Sisters is situated in a historical set of houses, referred to as ‘Sisters’ where now a 5-star hotel is located. I stayed there myself years ago and found it perfectly quirky.

61. Experience a dark period of history at the KGB Museum

Visit the KGB Museum in the Viru Hotel which shows you the history of the organization and the process of tapping guests calls in an actual hotel room. The museum is located in the hotel itself and is only available for viewing when booking a tour. Viru Hotel is still functioning today so this spooky experience is definitely enhanced by the hotel’s atmosphere!

62. Discover the Peter the Great House Museum that commemorates the great Russian Tsar

This little house museum in the Kadriorg park is dedicated to the Russian Tsar, Peter the Great. This was his first summer residence before Peter The Great ordered the Kadriorg Palace and park to be built. You can see authentic furniture and other personal items from the period of his stay in Tallinn.

Toompea and Tall Hermann tower in Tallinn Estonia
Aerial view on Toompea Hill in Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia. In the center, you see Tall Hermann Tower and on the right is the Toomkirik.

63. Visit Tall Hermann – one of Tallinn’s most recognized landmarks

Tall Hermann is an impressive 15th-century fortification meant to strengthen Toompea. It is also regarded as a symbol of independence and proudly presents the Estonian flag every day. It is raised every morning at sunrise to the sounds of the national anthem. Currently, you can visit the tower only with a tour of the Toompea Castle, but please check that prior to booking your visit.

64. Marvel at the beautiful Barocco St Mary’s Cathedral Church (Toomkirik)

Admire the Toomkirik – a Lutheran Cathedral built in the 13th century. The building was extended multiple times, and in 1779 a new spire was built in baroque style. Toomkirik is the oldest church in Tallinn.

65. Spot the Horse Mill that’s now converted into a Theatre

The round building at Lai tn 47 used to function as a horse-powered flour mill during the period from the 14th to the 18th century. At the moment it houses a theatre which often holds performances. The building itself is closed to visitors but ‘Hobuveski’ can be admired from the outside.

Red Russian Orthodox Church spires Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Toompea Hill, Tallinn, Estonia
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Toompea Hill, Tallinn, Estonia

66. Marvel at the Russian Orthodox style of Alexander Nevski Cathedral

This Cathedral is a striking example of the Russian Orthodox style. It was built in order to commemorate the miraculous survival of Tsar Alexander III of Russia during an imperial train crash in 1888. Through the years and government changes, there were many attempts to get rid of hit, however it still stands as an example of traditional Russian church architecture.

Discover Tallinn’s Most Relaxing Spots

67. Find the beautiful hidden Master’s Courtyard

This concealed corner of Tallinn is the perfect place to relax, visit small artisan shops and discover a spot hidden from the passerby. There is also a delightful chocolaterie located in that courtyard that you just have to try out for yourself! You will find Master’s Courtyard at Vene 6.

68. Talk a walk in Tower Square Park (Tornide väljak)

This beautiful park lies just outside the Old Town walls and it is home to the yearly Flower Festival hosted on the square. The festival is held from the end of May to end of August and the entry is free for all.

Island in the middle of a pond during autumn season in Kadriorg park in Tallinn, Estonia
Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, Estonia

69. Explore the Japanese Garden corner of Kadriorg Park

Take a walk through the tranquil Japanese garden of Kadriorg Park. There are only a couple of parks in Europe that are built according to Japanese standards and were approved by Japan, and this is one of them. Take the time to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

70. Go to Pirita Beach to breathe in the salty air

Enjoy the sea views and the perspective on the Tallinn Old Town from one of the most popular local beaches. You can also rent boats in the area, sit at cozy seaside cafes and enjoy a walk by the water.

71. Enjoy a tranquil time at Tallinn Botanical Gardens

Admire the plants in Tallinn Botanical Gardens and wander amongst the rose garden which features around 700 varieties of roses from different times and origins. Since the Botanical Gardens are 10 kilometers from the city center you can combine your visit with the zoo, or enjoying the seaside at Pirita which is only 3 kilometers away.

Relaxing view in Toompark Tallinn
View on the Toompea hill from Toompark, Tallinn

72. Watch the sunset and enjoy the outdoors at Toompark

Make your way from Toompea via the Patkuli stairs and you’ll end up right in Toompark. One of the best things to do in Tallinn is to just settle down on the grass right below the city walls and enjoy the passage of time. This is a great spot for the summer evenings when you just want to chill and process the day.

What To Do in Tallinn’s Top Museums

73. Fly a plane, explore submarines, climb on an icebreaker at Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour Museum

You’ll have a blast at Lennusdam. It’s a great museum for both adults and kids alike and it’s also the most popular museum in Estonia! Prepare to discover the history behind navigating the seas, find out how underwater archaeology works and fly a plane simulator. The entrance is free with a Tallinn Card.

74. Explore Kadriorg Art Museum featuring European & Russian Art

The Kadriorg Art Museum is a summer residence of Tzar Peter the First, turned into a museum of foreign art. Visit this beautiful palace in the heart of Kadriorg Park to discover art from XVI-XX centuries.

Kardiorg palace with little fountain and pool in front
Kadriorg Art Museum in Kadriorg Park, Tallinn, Estonia

75. Visit Mikkeli Museum that houses a great private art collection of Johannes Mikkel

The Mikkeli Museum is a branch of Kadriorg and houses the extensive art collection of Johannes Mikkel including the most valuable collection of ceramics in Estonia. You will see unique objects from Western Europe as well as China, Russia, and others. The museum is located in the old kitchen building opposite the Kadriorg museum.

76. Visit KUMU Art Museum if you love contemporary art

KUMU is a must-see museum for lovers of contemporary art. The museum features artists from different times divided by floors, such as early 18th-century art and exhibitions dedicated to the Soviet occupation period. You will be able to find both Estonian art as well as contemporary art from abroad.

77. Taste local wine at the Museum of Estonian Drink Culture

Wine isn’t something that comes to mind when you think of Estonia but I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by this little museum hidden on Toompea hill. Luscher & Matiesen Museum of Estonian Drink Culture will allow you to glimpse the 800-year-old cellar rooms and appreciate the aromas and tastes of different wines for only 7 EUR.

Aerial view on the Old Town Tallinn
Aerial view on the Old Town Tallinn

78. Go on a guided tour through Toompea castle

A guided tour really helps with wrapping your head around the history behind the place and Toompea hill has so many nooks and crannies! If this is your first visit to Tallinn I definitely recommend taking a tour of some sort.

79. Check out Kiek in de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels

Concluding this list of fantastic things to do in Tallinn is the Kiek in de Kök, which means “Peek in the kitchen”. Isn’t Tallinn super witty when it comes to naming things? Fat Margaret agrees! Climb the tower to enjoy a beautiful view and descend down to learn about Tallinn’s war history and to inspect medieval weapons and even use a shooting simulator.

So there you have it! My list of top things to do in Tallinn Estonia is complete. Which items will you be adding to your Tallinn travel itinerary? Let me know down in the comments!

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Top 79 Things to do in Tallinn Estonia by Dutch Wannabe Top 79 Things to do in Tallinn Estonia by Dutch Wannabe
Top 79 Things to Do in Tallinn Estonia That You Will Love

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