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15 Unusual Things to Do in St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg Russia city view

In this guide, I’m sharing my top unusual things to do in St Petersburg Russia, as chosen by a born and raised St. Petersburg resident. Ever since I moved to Amsterdam, I’m making sure to keep up with new places in my hometown, and there are many – believe me! This list will point you…

8 Day Trips From St. Petersburg That Are 101% Worth It

View on Peterhof fountains cascade

St. Petersburg is an absolute gem when it comes to cultural heritage. If you’ve come as far as St. Petersburg, don’t miss out on all this treasure trove and venture outside of the city. Today I’m sharing the best day trips from St Petersburg, Russia that you can’t afford to miss! Short on time? Check…

3 Days In St Petersburg: What To See During Your First Visit

St. Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. While the city is only just 315 years old, the amount of history per square meter is astounding. Choosing what to see in 3 days in St Petersburg Russia is no easy task! The number of art museums, monuments, performances, and festivals can simply be overwhelming….