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Hello and welcome! I’m Lesia, a Russian expat now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the travel writer behind Dutch Wannabe. I started Dutch Wannabe in 2017 to share my Netherlands discoveries & my search of fairytale adventures. Since then my scope has expanded to Europe and destinations beyond!

This travel blog is about culture-oriented travel with a focus on food, experience, and relaxation. I write for my ideal reader: the woman who loves exploring cities and praises herself when she finds a local spot with delicious food. The kinds of guides that I share include unusual experiences, medieval history, everything related to tea, beautiful architecture and literary adventures. I focus on well-rounded adventures that mix city breaks with beautiful scenery, push you a little out of your comfort zone but do not involve a lot of mental or physical preparation.

My articles are long-form detailed posts that provide readers with inspiration and concrete itineraries that you can use. They are made with upper mid-range and luxury travelers from the U.S. and Europe in mind.


My goal is to introduce my readers to the places that evoke the feeling of fairytale that many of us experienced in childhood. I am in search of that feeling of wonder and aim to share any experience that has a little bit of magic in it.

I believe that this magic can be found in going beyond the highlights and exploring places outside of the Top Destinations list. I achieve this by using storytelling and photography to convey the feeling behind a place.


Monthly Page Views: 56K
Monthly Sessions: 46K
Monthly Unique Visitors: 39K
Social Followers: 12K


64% Readers identify as female
50% Millenials (25-34 age bracket)
20% U.S. | 15% United Kingdom | 10% Netherlands | 8% Germany
72% of all users use English as primary language


60% Mobile users | 35% Desktop users | 5% Tablet users
Average Session Duration: 02:40



I specialize in creating long destination itineraries and city guides that are informative, include historical background, luxury experiences,  insight from locals, and plenty of fairytale moments:
  • Destination guides
  • Insider guides
  • Upper mid-range + luxury getaways
  • City breaks
  • Soft outdoor adventures
  • Unique experiences & day trips
  • Food guides & restaurant/cafe reviews


My target audience is a woman (age 25-34) based in the U.S. or U.K. She values comfort and will pick premium or luxury options if they give her the flexibility and opportunity to discover the world according to her tastes. My reader is prepared to splurge on a superior experience but likes to avoid the crowds and look for experiences that are a bit harder to find. She likes planning in advance but also looks for last-minute ideas to fill in her free time.

She doesn’t like filling her whole day with things to do and prefers to leave some space for breathing, random explorations and wandering. Nothing pleases her more than following a review to a hidden cafe to discover delicious food she wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Dutch Wannabe can help your brand by:

  • Creating awareness surrounding your destination/product via sponsored campaigns
  • Reaching new audiences through engaging stories and authentic content that is aligned with your brand
  • Converting to sales by warming up the audience and presenting them relevant solutions

I am open to collaborations including:

  • Sponsored posts featuring bespoke content;
  • Attending events, press & FAM trips;
  • Covering specific destinations, accommodations, and attractions on request;
  • Relevant product reviews (travel/fashion/lifestyle/books);
  • Social media takeovers;
  • Social media management & promotional campaigns;
  • Travel writing assignments including articles, guest posts and more.

Are you interested in working together? I’d love to discuss your goals and see if we might be a good fit!

Please contact me by e-mail: lesia[at] to enquire after rates and possible partnerships.

Please note that all sponsored content will be disclosed as such and all links will be no-follow. All reviews will reflect an honest opinion of the writer and there can be no guarantee of a positive review.

To discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact Lesia at lesia[at]