Top 10 Amusement Parks in Europe You Don’t Wanna Miss

Having fun in theme parks is not reserved just for kids! Today I’m sharing 10 amazing amusement parks in Europe that you will want to visit. For this post, I partnered up with amazing travel bloggers that have been to a park out of this list of the best theme parks in Europe. And they had a lot to say about them. With a little extra information about each park, you will find it hard to resist to go on a Eurotrip.

Best Theme Parks in Europe For Kids and Adults:

#1 Amusement Park in Europe: Disneyland Paris, France
Disneyland Paris: best theme parks in Europe

Disneyland Paris includes two theme parks and seven on-site hotels to explore, and it includes all of the Disney magic that the original sites in the United States are famous for. Disneyland Parc is the older of the two and mimics the original Disneyland in California with its themed lands, classic rides, and stunning pink version of Sleeping Beauty castle. You can ride iconic favorites like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Tea Cups, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Don’t miss the fireworks at the end of the night, as the combination of music, castle projections, fountains, and pyro is incredible.


Walt Disney Studios is located just around the corner and takes more of a movie-themed approach. Top rides include the Tower of Terror, a favorite around the world, a spinning, VR Ratatouille ride, and a family-friendly roller coaster themed to Finding Nemo. My favorite restaurant at Disneyland Paris is located in the Ratatouille area – Chef Remy’s – and you can dine on cuisine supposedly prepared by everyone’s favorite rat chef. Your seats are made of champagne corks, you hang your coats on human-sized forks, and tables are shaded by delicate “paper” drink umbrellas. The atmosphere is delightful and perfect for kids.

Entry price: From 48 EUR| Website:

Kris loves leisure travel, and her precious few vacation days are treasured above all else. She's been spending a lot of my vacation time in Europe lately and having fun writing about that.
Read more about Kris's experience in Disneyland Paris on Nomad by Trade.

#2 Amusement Park in Europe: Efteling, Netherlands

Efteling is a lesser-known park yet it is completely and utterly enchanting for those who take the time to discover it! This theme park is the biggest in Benelux and every attraction makes sure you fall head over heels with the classic fairytales of Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Charles Perrault. Be prepared to get lost in the Fairytale Forest, take a ride in the Flying Dutchman (on the photo above), and defeat the fire-breathing dragon on the huge wooden rollercoaster Joris en de Draak. 

Efteling is easy to reach by both public transport and by car which makes it the perfect day trip from Amsterdam. You can get a ticket here. However, the park is quite large and if you’re limited by just one day, you’ll have a lot of hard choices to make. The optimal time of a visit is definitely two days – that way you will get to enjoy a little bit of everything and maybe even revisit some of the fantastic roller coasters. This park is perfect for both kids and adults. The ambiance and the themed soundtrack allow you to fall into this fairytale and forget that any other world exists… if just for a little while.

For a breakdown of the most interesting attractions and best visit times, check out my guide from Amsterdam to Efteling theme park.

Entry price: 38 EUR | Website:

Lesia is the creator behind Dutch Wannabe, the travel blog that you're reading right now! She moved to The Netherlands in 2016 and made it her mission to share all there is to know about exploring Europe, starting with Amsterdam.
Head over to her Efteling Park guide to find out what makes this park so unforgettable that she came here 5+ times!

#3 Amusement Park in Europe: Europa Park, Germany

Europa Park amusement park in Europe Germany
Photo credit: “Europa-Park”

I love the fact that Europa Park is so varied in terms of its attractions, with something for everyone. Whether you enjoy fast roller coasters, water rides, young children’s attractions or just relaxing, Europa Park has got it all. The food outlets are great, all themed on food from different areas of the world. There’s enough accommodation to suit every budget and fun evening entertainment too. And best of all, it’s dog-friendly. We’ll definitely be visiting when we travel around Europe with the children and dog!

Vintage Amsterdam Tulip Tour to Keukenhof: Hop in the VW!

Entry price: EUR 49.50| Website:

Natalie is a family blogger behind Plutonium Sox that loves going on shorter trips in the UK in Europe with her two daughters, husband, and two dogs. When they're not on the road, they love exploring the local area and writing about it.
Check out her 20 tips for visiting Europa-Park theme park to plan your visit better!

#4 Amusement Park in Europe: Isla Mágica, Spain

Isla Magica Top amusement parks in europe

In 1992 Sevilla organized the Universal Exposition (like a World Fair) called Expo ’92.

This meant a whole new part added to the city. But after the Expo, much of this modern addition was abandoned. Luckily they decided to use part of it to do something fun: a theme park! For this reason, Isla Mágica is very close to the city center of Seville, even in walking distance if you are in decent shape.

Isla Mágica is divided into six different sections, traveling through the 16th and 17th century and focusing on the new traditions coming with the discoveries overseas.

The most impressive in the park is probably the Jaguar: the first inverted roller coaster in Spain and also the first time I got to experience one of these roller coasters. You can see it almost everywhere in the park, so you cannot miss it. But luckily some of the rides are a bit more accessible for everyone. It is a great mix of rollercoasters and easier rides. On top of this, you can enjoy fun shows (although most of them in Spanish).

My favorite time of the year to visit Isla Mágica is during Halloween: the park transforms in a Halloween nightmare with people dressing up in creepy outfits. My friends made a habit of having them stand right behind me without me knowing to freak me out.

Entry price: 32 EUR| Website:

Manouk is a Dutch blogger behind Groetjes Uit Verweggistan. She loves city trips but also longer camping getaways.
Catch up with her wondeful adventures on her Instagram where she is sharing a wonderful mixture of culture, adventure and city travel!

#5 Amusement Park in Europe: Bakken, Denmark

Top amusement parks in europe Bakken Park

Most people who visit Copenhagen visit the iconic Tivoli gardens.

However, what you should really visit is Bakken! Bakken is located about 10 km north of Copenhagen and is officially the world’s oldest amusement park still in operation. However, there wasn’t always an amusement park at Bakken’s location. What drew people there was a water spring of much higher quality than the water available in Copenhagen at the time. The crowds soon attracted vendors and entertainers whose tents are considered the beginning of Bakken as we know it today.

The park itself dates back to 1583 and its most iconic ride, Rutschebanen, first opened in 1932. Rutschebanen is a traditional wooden roller coaster which is significantly scarier than it looks!


Apart from Rutschebanen, there are five more rollercoasters as well as various other rides. You can also entertain yourself with carnival games, in gambling halls, or in the adjacent music hall. Performances take place throughout the year, in particular cabarets.

Unlike Tivoli, Bakken is free to visit, although the rides are not particularly cheap. If you’re not big on the rides, you can enjoy carnival sweets or traditional Danish street food. Even better, take a walk through the forest which is home to a large family of friendly deer. Either way, you are going to have plenty of fun!

Entry price: Free, you pay per ride | Website:

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Mihir and Jacky are expat and travel bloggers based in Copenhagen/Denmark. Their passions are history, culture, and cuisines. They enjoy traveling off the beaten track and cultural immersion. Learn more about travel and expat life in Denmark on their blog Nomadic Picureans or on their Instagram!

#6 Amusement Park in Europe: Legoland Billund, Denmark

Legoland top amusement parks in europe

There may be Legoland theme parks popping up all over the world, but you can’t beat the original! Located in central Denmark, the very first Legoland theme park was created in the 1960s next to the original Lego factory. The town of Billund is home to the second biggest airport in Denmark with great connections all across Europe or is just a three-hour drive from Copenhagen.

Whilst it’s aimed primarily at families with kids under 12, the young-at-hearts will have just as much fun. Anyone who had one of the beloved toy sets growing up will love reviving the memories of their youth. There are more than 50 different rides and attractions to keep everyone entertained. It might not be the must-do destination for thrill seekers, but there are just enough adrenalin rides to satisfy them.

Legoland Mini Land amusement park in Europe

There are endless details to discover across the 9 themed lands which include the very cute Duplo Land, adventurous Pirate Land, and the Imagination Zone featuring its own aquarium. There is also the incredibly detailed Mini Land where you can waste the day away watching the working trains, boats, planes and so much more!

Legoland Billund is surrounded by other great attractions including a zoo, Scandinavia’s biggest waterpark, and the brand new Lego House for true Lego fans to check out. Legoland also has a variety of unique accommodation choices, including one of Europe’s best campsites which I highly recommend!

Entry price: from 319 DKK (around 43 EUR)| Website:

Kathleen is the blogger behind Dream Wander Repeat. In the last 6 or so years, she has been to 40 countries on 4 continents, and her list of incredible places around the world that she wants to see only gets bigger. She shares her travel realities, all the truths and hardships to help you travel better!

#7 Amusement Park in Europe: Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens theme park in Denmark

If you’re exploring the Danish capital, you can’t miss the beautiful, antique-looking structures rising towards the sky. Those are the towers at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park! Opened in 1843, Tivoli is not only the second oldest operating amusement park in Europe but also the second oldest in the world!

We love Tivoli because once you walk through the iron gates, it’s like stepping into a time capsule. The colorful, hand-painted rides and attractions have an authentic, classic feel – even in the heart of busy Copenhagen.

We’d recommend checking out Tivoli because there’s lots to do for any interest, from trying classic treats to the old rides and even performances that happen throughout the season. If you’re not into amusement, a ticket to enter is even worth it in the evening. At night, the fairy lights illuminate the trees and the park for a magical wander through the park. You have to see it for yourself to believe it – so check out Tivoli if you’re in Copenhagen! You can buy a ticket here.

Entry price: 120 DKK | Website:

Lisa and Eric from Penguin and Pia met through their unconditional love for travel. After taking the plunge to travel through Europe together they haven't stopped traveling or exploring! Check out their favorite Copenhagen attractions for ideas what to do before and after your Tivoli visit!

#8 Amusement Park in Europe: Vienna Prater, Austria

Amusement parks in Europe: Vienna Prater

Vienna is a city of history, food, music and intricate architecture & palaces. There are a number of places to visit in Vienna, and easily the Prater Park is missed by most tourists. The Prater is an amusement park spread in millions of square feet of area, and the park itself has a number of attractions. The amusement park having the giant wheel, Madamme Tussauds with greenery all over.


I visited the park on my last day with only a few hours to spare, and I regretted it. The park is known for its Giant Wheel but the rides here are super exciting. Those with weak hearts will have an adrenaline rush while on the rides here. My favorite one was the swing ride which took me 130 meters in the sky giving away the view of the entire Vienna city. The thrill and the excitement the rides, roller coasters made me nostalgic taking me back to my childhood memories.

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It’s easy for adults, or travelers to miss out an amusement park to explore more from the city. But I recommend visiting Prater while in Vienna, as some of the rides will give you amazing views of the city.

Entry price: Free admission, prices for attractions vary from 1 to 5 EUR | Website:

Shivani is a travel blogger from Delhi, India. On her blog, The Wandering Core, she shares her amazing guides through India and various European destinations.
Check out her itinerary filled with places to visit in Vienna in 2 days - it's the perfect addition to the Vienna Prater visit!

#9 Amusement Park in Europe: Parc Asterix, France

Best amusement parks in Europe: Parc Asterix
Photo credit mention: © Parc Astérix 2016

We loved Park Asterix because of the big variety of rides which are suitable for tweens, teens, and adults. There are some experiences for younger kids too but overall it’s a better day out for older ones than nearby Disneyland, and cheaper. It’s easy to reach as it is near Paris. We are Asterix fans anyway so that made it extra fun for us. You can do the whole park in one very busy day.
Entry price: from 41 EUR | Website:

Janet features her interests and experiences on her blog Falcondale life. She shares travel stories and photography tips to inspire families with older children and amateur photographers to go on beautiful adventures. Check out her blog post in which Jan is comparing three French theme parks that are most popular!

Best theme parks in Europe: Park Aventura Spain

#10 Amusement Park in Europe: Port Aventura, Spain

Port Aventura is an absolutely huge park located near Salou in Spain. It’s easily reachable from Barcelona both by car and public transport. The park is definitely worth a whole separate visit as not only does it have 5 theme zones (Mediterrània, Far West, México, China and Polynesia) but also there’s a whole separate Ferrari park for race cars fans!


Two days would be the ideal length to explore the park at a leisurely pace, and you absolutely can’t miss the Shambhala and Dragon Kahn rollercoasters as well as the fun aquatic adventures.

Entry price: From 55 EUR | Website:

Bonus #11: Phantasialand, Germany

Best theme parks in Europe: Phantasialand
Taron rollercoaster / Photo courtesy of Phantasialand

The German Phantasialand is a park famous for the fastest, wildest rides you’ve seen. Its specialty is rollercoasters: there’s Taron (a ride that broke 4 world records), Raik (the fastest family rollercoaster), and others. There are four water attractions, some are really extreme like the River Quest which will leave you soaked. It even has an elevator to take the tubes higher. The park really offers a nice twist on old and well-loved attractions. Even the swing carousel is refreshed with a fountain beneath your feet!

The park is separated into different lands: 20’s Berlin, Mexico, Africa, China, Mystery , and Fantasy. There are also performances throughout the locations which impressed me with the overall quality and enthusiasm. The best part is that entrance for birthday boys and girls (and adults) is free. The park is seasonal, which means it’s open only during the warmer months, from April to November.

Entry price: From 39,50 EUR | Website:

So there you have it – top 10 great amusement parks in Europe that are going to be the highlight of your visit!

Which park in Europe have you been to and which one is still on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top 10 Amusement Parks in Europe You Don't Wanna Miss. If you love theme parks, then don't miss these must-visit amusement parks in Europe! From Efteling to Parc Aventura, each is perfect for adults and kids! Best Theme Parks in Europe that are a must-visit including Disneyland Paris, Port Aventura, Tivoli Gardens, Parc Asterix, Efteling, Europa Park, Isla Magica, Bakken, Lego Billund, Vienna Prater. Top 10 Amusement Parks in Europe You Don't Wanna Miss. If you love theme parks, then don't miss these must-visit amusement parks in Europe! From Efteling to Parc Aventura, each is perfect for adults and kids! Best Theme Parks in Europe that are a must-visit including Disneyland Paris, Port Aventura, Tivoli Gardens, Parc Asterix, Efteling, Europa Park, Isla Magica, Bakken, Lego Billund, Vienna Prater.
Top 10 Amusement Parks in Europe You Don\'t Wanna Miss

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