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Do any of these ring a bell?

You're just starting out...

And you have no idea how to make the platform work for you.

Your message is getting lost...

In the sea of overcrowded hashtags and voices.

Your feed won't come together...

It just refuses to feel cohesive or united.

You have no idea what to post...

So every new picture is random and doesn't fall in.

You love taking photos...

But editing is an absolute pain and the picture doesn't look right.

You keep posting...

But nobody seems to care. All you hear is crickets.

If you could just find a guide with all the info in one place...

"The Revamp Challenge was exactly what I needed to get on top of my Instagram game."

The information was delivered in a really digestible way and it was all relevant. Highly recommend.
Jessie Kavanagh
Meditation Teacher, Yoga & Pilates Instructor and Mind-Body Mentor

You Will Learn:

How to narrow down your focus and find your big idea

The secret to standing out in your own niche & finding your audience

Developing your theme style and sticking to it consistently

Editing tips & tricks to improve your photos

The 4 pillars of quality content and how to implement them

The secret of organic engagement

Storytelling methods and what you can do with them!

"I was blown by away by the amount of top quality content..."

... provided in what I had originally thought could be a smaller, easier challenge... Your personal insights and added Tips (eg. for other platforms) were fantastic!
Kristen Miller

The Challenge covers everything – from setting up and niching down, to making amazing content, improving your pictures and getting engagement, and best of all – it’s FREE.

Revamp your Instagram account with the Insta Revamp Challenge: a FREE 10-Day E-mail Course that walks you through everything, from setup and defining your niche, to increase engagement and finding your theme.