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3 Days In St Petersburg: What To See During Your First Visit

St. Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. While the city is only just 315 years old, the amount of history per square meter is astounding. Choosing what to see in 3 days in St Petersburg Russia is no easy task! The number of art museums, monuments, performances, and festivals can simply be overwhelming….

Visiting Schloss Burg Solingen Castle: Your Fairytale Solingen Guide

Imagine green forests stretching as far as the eye can see as a cable car is carrying you up the hill towards a majestic castle. The breeze is caressing the back of your neck, easing the heat of the day as you dangle your legs, watching the grass beneath sail away. After a pleasant trek…

Discover Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth: Day Trip To Kaiserpfalz Ruins

Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth is a beautiful historical area of Dusseldorf that you can’t afford to miss. From the promenade overlooking the Rhine, to the small cobblestone streets, it’s easy to understand why this neighborhood is among the more expensive Dusseldorf areas. It offers visitors and residents unparalleled views, medieval ruins of the castle Kaiserpfaltz, a Michelin-star…

What To Do In Dusseldorf Germany In A Day

View on the Dusseldorf promenade with Rhein and the Rhein Tower visible in the distance with people sitting on the steps on a sunny day

Welcome to the first destination on my North Rhein Westfalia itinerary! If you were looking for some ideas of what to do in Dusseldorf Germany in a day, check out this guide. Dusseldorf is a city of contrast with great travel connections, making it one of the easiest points to start a journey. It has…

Traditional Cheese Market & Other Things To Do In Alkmaar Netherlands

View on the canals of Alkmaar Netherlands with a boat cafe called Anna&Max and a cafe filled bridge

Capitals are not entirely representative of their countries, wouldn’t you say? While I could spend ages wandering the streets of Amsterdam and enjoying all the city has to offer, it is entirely worth it to branch out and see different cities in order to discover what Holland has to offer beyond the obligatory guidebook itinerary….

Guide To Exploring The Breathtaking Nature of Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe

The more I see of the Netherlands, the more I am impressed by the variety waiting just outside of Amsterdam. I hope you’re ready to explore the beauty of the Netherlands away from the big city noise. Because today I’m bringing you along for my journey through one of Holland’s most well-known national parks. Whether…

Top 79 Things to Do in Tallinn Estonia That You Will Love

Things To Do in Tallinn Estonia: Enjoy the view on Old Town from Toompea Hill Piiskopi viewing platform

Looking for top things to do in Tallinn, Estonia? I’ve got you covered with my ultimate Tallinn bucket list! This list includes interesting activities and ideas for fun things to do in Tallinn for the culture buffs, architecture lovers, adventure seekers, and foodies! Choose your favorite way of exploring and get to know local Estonian…

Where to Eat in Tallinn Old Town: 10 Amazing Places You’ll Love

Where to eat in Tallinn Old Town: Olde Hansa medieval restaurant

Do you want to dine like a local but also try some signature Estonian foods while you’re at it? I’ve made a guide for those of you looking for the best restaurants in Tallinn. It can be hard choosing where to eat in Tallinn Old Town. Be assured that I’ve personally been to Tallinn more than…

16 Instagrammable Amsterdam Spots To Fuel Your Travel Photo Addiction

Instagrammable Amsterdam spots

Wondering where the best photo spots in Amsterdam are? In this guide, I’m walking you through the best sights that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression! Here are 16 places in Amsterdam that will satisfy your shutterbug craze: 1. The Gingerbread Houses on Damrak It’s funny how easy it is to take a picture…

Experience Elfia: A Guide to Europe’s Most Enchanting Fantasy Fair

Elfia Fantasy Festival

*This post may contain affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. Love Lord of The Rings, exploring medieval castles and geeking out at costume parties? Then Elfia Fantasy Fair is a must-do bucket list item! Did you know that Netherlands’ Elfia Fantasy Fair is…