Best Brunch Spots in Amsterdam for Foodie Lovers

Brunch in Amsterdam Benji's with avocado and toast

If you are heading out to brunch in Amsterdam, I’ve got some nice cafes for you. Today I’m sharing the results of my extensive, and dare I say, utterly professional, research of the best brunch spots in Amsterdam! From petite cafes in old Amsterdam buildings to spacious spots that are crazy popular, there’s something for everyone here. I personally visited every place on the list, and some of the places are my absolute favorites. So, without further ado, I give you…

Best Cafes for Breakfast and Brunch in Amsterdam


Plate of pancakes with berries and sauce on top from Pluk Amsterdam
Delicious pancakes in Pluk Amsterdam

Pluk is one of Amsterdam’s best-loved cafes. The cafe offers a lot of healthy options including freshly baked desserts. Pluk is famous for a great selection of bowls and smoothies, with most of their menu available all day long. They try to use a lot of organic ingredients, and also have a shop where they sell accessories, kitchenware, and nice knick-knacks.

The pie selection changes daily and there are freakshakes as well, just like in Ree 7 (next on the list). You will find Pluk in the heart of the Nine Streets shopping neighborhood. They have two locations, one is right next to Ree 7, the other is on a parallel street on Berenstraat.

Where to find it: Reestraat 19, Amsterdam | Berenstraat 19, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

Cakes on display with fresh fruit in Pluk Amsterdam
Pluk’s daily cake display

Ree 7

Ree 7 might be one of my favorite spots in the Nine Streets neighborhood. It’s situated right next to Pluk, the two cafes like quirky sisters that try and steal attention from one another. Ree 7 is a small two-level cafe with an excellent all-day breakfast, eggs, and lunch specials. It also has a reputation for serving freakshakes overflowing with donuts, candy floss, and syrup.

Where to find it: Reestraat 7, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 9 AM – 5:30 PM

Coffee & Coconuts

Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam cafe outside view
Coffee & Coconuts is located in an old art-deco movie theatre

De Pijp is filled with amazing cafes just waiting to be discovered. One of the neighborhood’s highlights is the Coffee & Coconuts located in a beautiful art-deco movie theatre building. Compared to the cozy but tiny cafes and restaurants of the city center, this space really astonishes with its 3-level loft.

French toast with fresh berries and almonds in Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam: delicious brunch in Amsterdam option
The French Toast varies in presentation but is always super yummy

The menu has great breakfast options: some are available till 1 PM, others are available till as late as 4:30 PM. This should give even the most dedicated night owls time to get over there. French Toast is my personal favorite. This spot is quite popular so depending on the time of day you might have to wait in line, but the queue moves fast.

Where to find it: Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 8 AM – 11 PM

Benji’s Amsterdam

Restaurant decor in Benjis amsterdam with wide windows and spiral staircase
Benji’s Amsterdam interiors with the beautiful spiral staircase

If you’re looking for Instagram perfection, look no further than Benji’s. This place has some serious hipster vibes. Spiral staircase, plants, marble tables, amazing food presentation. Oh, and it’s the perfect brunch spot thanks to its ‘all-day breakfast’ menu. Almost forgot that part 🙂

Benji's Amsterdam waffle dessert
The ultra sweet and absolutely gorgeous waffle in Benji’s

The cafe is in walking distance from the Weesperplein metro station, and can be a good starting point for a walking tour. From here you can walk to the Amstel river, and enjoy the rare spot of sunshine on your way to the city center. As for food, I can recommend the salmon avocado teriyaki. The sugar waffle is great as well but it’s ultra-sweet so keep that in mind when ordering.

Where to find it: Wibautstraat 196, Amsterdam| Opening hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, closed on Mondays

Corner Bakery – Amsterdam 

Front of the Corner Bakery cafe in Amsterdam: cute instagrammable brunch spot
The Corner Bakery in Oud Zuid

The Corner Bakery is an incredibly cute breakfast spot for sweet tooths with three different locations in Amsterdam. The one in Oud Zuid is in walking distance from the Museum Square, so it’s a great spot to recharge. The cafe is rather small, cozy, and its owners clearly kept Instagram in mind when choosing the pastel tone decorations. The concept is ‘all day breakfast’ which means the pancakes are here for you anytime you want. 

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As for food, Corner Bakery has a wide range of options, from classic croissant and sweet toast, to a variety of eggs. The complete breakfast options start at 16 EUR, which includes juice, coffee/tea, and depending on the option, a bowl, eggs, fresh fruit and choice of croissant or toast as well. The bakery also has elaborate freakshakes with donuts and crazy decor on top.

Brunch in Amsterdam in the Corner Bakery
Instagrammable interiors of the Corner Bakery for your brunch in Amsterdam

When I visited, I was already half-full from trying pancakes at Bakers & Roasters, so I ordered the savory toast option that cost 6,50 EUR. I got pita with three different spreads and a bit of salad. In hindsight, if I had been less full, it would have been better to go for the more expensive options as this wouldn’t be enough to fill you up.

Where to find it: There are Corner Bakeries in Oud Zuid, Nieuw West, and Oud West. The working hours vary per cafe. Check out the addresses here.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club on Haarlemmerplein is a nice brunch in Amsterdam spot
Interiors of The Breakfast Club on Haarlemmerplein

The Breakfast Club is another great ‘all-day breakfast’ option. It has 5 locations all over Amsterdam, so you should be able to get to it easily. I visited the one at Haarlemmerplein and it’s quite spacious compared to smaller cafes such as the Corner Bakery, for example. The place felt very relaxed and calm.

The Breakfast Club offers a lot of options to choose from, with most dishes in between 11 and 13 EUR. You can get combo breakfast options, eggs benedict, pancakes, and cereals. There are some vegetarian options on the menu, like avocado toast. When I visited I ate a grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato, and it was perfectly melted and yummy.

Where to find it: Check out the locations and individual opening hours here.

De Laatste Kruimel

The terrace at Laatste Kruimel
See those wooden stools? You might be able to snag seats on that little cute balcony!

This little nook is perfect for seekers of fresh pastries, pies, and comfort food. The cozy cafe is located in the busiest part of the city center, tucked away between souvenir shops and ice-cream vendors. De Laatste Kruimel is perfect for a short pit stop, a cup of coffee and some sustenance.

It can get quite busy and there aren’t many tables, however, with some maneuvering, you might be able to score the little table on the balcony which overlooks the canal. I can recommend the quiche, but I don’t think you will need my recommendation: the pie display will most likely sway your choice one way or the other.

Where to find it: Langebrugsteeg 4, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

Bakers & Roasters

Bakers & Roasters cafe interior
Interiors of the Bakers & Roasters which I snapped in between visitors

Bakers & Roasters are so popular that you should always expect a queue. Keep in mind that there are two different locations and both are only open till 4 PM. I visited around 11 AM on a weekday and only had one couple in front of me.

When I was leaving, there were at least 6 couples waiting. Since I was solo, I was offered a seat at the bar and got to watch the barista make amazing coffee art. The service was very speedy despite the place being at full capacity. That’s saying something for Amsterdam where servers don’t wait on you hand and foot.

Compared to other places on the list, Bakers & Roasters is definitely more expensive. The egg options start at 11 EUR and go up to 16 EUR. It’s definitely enough to fill you up! Bakers & Roasters have a special adjustment policy which is useful to know if you have any special dietary requirements and want to order classic dishes off the menu.

Pancakes in Bakers & Roasters with banana on top and cappuccino with art
My fat stack of pancakes that I couldn’t finish and a fantastic cappuccino

If you’d like to alter one of their dishes, you’re charged 2 EUR extra for any changes. I guess this is their way of keeping the process streamlined. You can check out their menu here

I went around the adjustment issue by ordering a high stack of pancakes for 10 EUR. It was so huge and the maple syrup so sweet that I only managed half of it. The coffee was fantastic! If you’re not a coffee drinker, do not worry. The drinks menu is one of the most extensive, and it has everything from teas and fresh juice, to boozy cocktails.

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Where to find it: Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, Amsterdam | Kadijksplein 16, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 4 PM


Zoku is the ideal spot for a brunch with views. You can lounge on the terrace, sipping coffee as you stare onto the tiled rooftops. Or you can head inside and enjoy your meal next to the wide windows opening up views of the Amsterdam city center. There’s a reason why I included it on the best views in Amsterdam list.

Zoku has a special brunch format during the weekend where you choose from 4 different options for 19,50 EUR. Alternatively, they have daily breakfast menus and you can come in anytime for a cup of tea or coffee with dessert. I haven’t had brunch here yet, only desert, so I can’t comment on the brunch in particular but the views alone would make it worth a try.

Where to find it: 

Dignita Hoftuin

Avocado on toast on a plate in Dignita Hoftuin
Umami Avocado for brunch at Dignita Hoftuin in Amsterdam

Dignita Hoftuin is located in the back yard of the Hermitage museum. It’s a great location in every season, but especially the summertime when you can dine outside or sit down in the light-filled restaurant. As to the food, it has a great all-day brunch menu.

The prices, however, can be pretty high. I paid 14 EUR for Umami Avocado and I would recommend choosing another option since the mysterious umami just turned out to be simple avocado on toast with a couple of mushrooms peppered on the plate. I’d recommend this spot for a light brunch and a cup of coffee regardless, as the spot can be very relaxing. If you’re near the Vondelpark, there is also another location at Dignita Vondelpark.

Where to find it: Dignita Hoftuin at Nieuwe Herengracht 18a, Amsterdam| Opening hours: 9 AM – 7 PM

Louie Louie

This stylish cafe right next to the Tropenmuseum—Amsterdam’s ethnographic museum—is a great option for brunch for those exploring the neighborhood. The brunch lasts till 3:30 PM and the menu is a great mix of typical breakfast dishes, eggs, and savory options. There’s also a breakfast deal which includes eggs, pancakes, yogurt and fresh fruit for 13 EUR. There’s a nice outdoor area as well as a great inside seating with a beautiful bar.

Where to find it: Linnaeusstraat 11A, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 9 AM – 1 AM, some days till 3 AM

Metropolitain Amsterdam

Folded pancakes with berries on top with a side of sauce
Forest fruit crepes in Metropolitain for brunch in Amsterdam

If you are in the very city center around the Dam square area, Metropolitain is a very nice brunch option. Despite being located in the busiest part of the city, it’s got a nice terrace and doesn’t feel too crowded. Metropolitain is the brunch spot, and the Cafe de Paris above is great for dinner.

They’re both owned by the same brand, so you can pick either one. The brunch menu is great, with great sandwiches, eggs, and my favorite brunch option – the crepes. The forest fruit crepe with mascarpone is 7,75 EUR and it’s super yummy.

Where to find it: Rokin 81, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 9 AM – 10 PM

Cafe Droog

Cafe Droog spacious bright interior loft in Amsterdam
The beautiful white interior of Cafe Droog

Cafe Droog is one of my favorite secret spots in Amsterdam. I always take guests of the city there. It’s perfect in every sense: a beautiful bright loft concealed in the heart of a concept store. There’s great food, a calm atmosphere and lots of tea. The prices are comparable with Amsterdam’s busiest spots as well, which makes Droog an oasis of calm where you can truly relax. Great spot for brunch, isn’t it?

Dessert flatlay in cafe Droog Amsterdam
Yummy scones for dessert in Droog

The menu is well varied, with a healthy breakfast (coffee/tea, orange juice, yogurt with granola, fruit salad) priced at 13 EUR, the full one at 17 EUR (added croissant and two eggs). If you’re after a true brunch, Droog can always bring you a mimosa or a bloody mary to recover from an intense night.

I would recommend getting the lunch platter, if you’re looking for a filling option. The sandwiches at Droog are really tasty and well-balanced, and the soups are great as well. The platter comes with a burrata salad which I can’t recommend enough.

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Where to find it: Staalstraat 7-A, Amsterdam | Opening hours: 9 AM – 7 PM


Homey interiors of the Omelegg restaurant in Amsterdam

Homey interiors in Omelegg with country-style chairs, low beams and cozy vibesIf you’re looking for an eggy brunch in Amsterdam, Omelegg is the place to go. There are two locations, one next to the Central station and one in De Pijp. The cafe really surprised me by its cozy vibes. The furniture and decor remind you of a Swiss chalet somehow, while the kitchen is in open view, and you can see the cooks preparing omelets like in a pasta restaurant.

The menu has over 20 omelet combinations to choose from, and that’s not counting their breakfast and sandwich options. You can also ask for the cooks to whip up your own custom omelet by choosing the ingredients. The prices are around 7-10 EUR for an omelet. 

Folded omelette with a side of salad and bread in Omelegg
Greek Wedding omelet in Omelegg Amsterdam for brunch

After much deliberation, I got me a Greek Wedding omelet with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, a generous amount of olives and a side of salad. The combination was super yummy, especially thanks to the tomatoes, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Some other options include Chili Hernandez, which has homemade chili con carne and farmer cheese, a Dates omelet with, you guessed it, dates, walnuts and honey, and many other fantastic combinations. I’ll be definitely coming back to try the Pastrami Avocado.

Where to find it: Ferdinand Bolstraat 143, Amsterdam | Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7 AM – 4 PM, Sat-Sun 8 AM – 4 PM. Kitchen closes at 3:30 PM.

Little Collins

Mango & Kaya french toast for brunch in Little Collins
Mango & Kaya french toast for brunch in Little Collins

If you’re in De Pijp area next to the beautiful Sarphatipark, don’t miss the opportunity to try the brunch at Little Collins. This cafe has a fantastic brunch menu that impressed me with its unusual taste combinations and seasonal ingredients. Little Collins is on the pricier side, with most dishes priced at 13-16 EUR. The menu is constantly updated which is something to keep in mind when checking online. When I showed up, I was surprised by a new selection of dishes.

This spot is great for vegetarians, has a couple of vegan and gluten-free options. The french toast I got was the most delicious I had tried yet, with the fantastic pairing of pineapple salsa, lime mascarpone, and basil. Don’t these ingredients just sound incredible? Well, just wait until you try it.

Other dishes on the menu include okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savory pancake (I discovered it recently and I am living for it), quesadilla con mole and something mysterious called salmon gravalax. What even? The location is great as well, just a couple of steps away from the busy Albert Cuyp market which I recommend as part of my Amsterdam itinerary for first-time visitors. All in all, I can’t wait to head over to Little Collins again for more culinary adventures. 

Where to find it: De Pijp — Eerste Sweelinkstraat, West — Bilderdijkstraat 140 | Opening hours: 9 AM – 4 PM for brunch, open till 10 PM on select days

How much is a brunch in Amsterdam?

By now you probably already figured out that brunch in Amsterdam will most likely cost you around 15 EUR, if you’re budgeting. If not, then it would be closer to 20 EUR. Eating out in Amsterdam is a pretty expensive affair, anyway. If you want to go all out and bask in luxury, why not enjoy a nice afternoon tea in Amsterdam?

Cafe Droog, for one, offers a high tea for 20 EUR per person. For more recommendations, check out my blog post on the best high tea in Amsterdam, which I spent a year of research on. Seriously, it takes forever to visit all these places! So if you visit any of those, do drop me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Looking for the closest brunch spot in Amsterdam? Check this map!

Best Brunch Spots in Amsterdam for Foodie Lovers

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